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Guest editorial falls flat on proving cited facts | Letter

May 3, 2013 · Updated 5:14 PM


Exposing ironies indeed. Todd Meyers wrote a guest editorial on April 17 that I found quite bizarre.

Initially I thought it was just another laissez-faire, free market, invisible hand, Koch Brothers funded effort worshipping at the feet of Adam Smith.

But, as it turns out I was right.

Though a voluminous diatribe there is not one article, one quote or reference given to support his version of recent economic environmental history.

He claims the free market has our best interests at hand.

Huh? Does he really believe we’ve already forgotten the economic bubble of 2008 was brought on by the deregulation of Wall Street and lack of Glass-Spiegel?

He claims to be “one of the nations leading experts on free market environmental policy” yet seems to have forgotten the Clean Air and Water acts of the Nixon era were a response to, among other gifts of the free market, the flaming Cuyahoga River in Ohio and the killing smogs of Los Angels. Hmmm?

Then I got to his credentials: “director” of the undefined “WPC.”

It is a basic rule of writing to use acronyms only after you define them.

His “landmark” book had a curiously zany title, “Eco-Fad: How the Rise of Environmentalism Is Harming The Environment.”

The book exists, but is self-published by the WPC.

In the introduction he lavishes praise on Bjorn Lomborg, PHD, Political Science.

Dr Lumborg’s first book, The Environmental Skeptic created quite a stir.

This is what the Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty said about it, “The publication is deemed contrary to the standards of good scientific practice.”

They cited it for: “Fabrication of data; selective discarding of unwanted results (selective citation); deliberately misleading use of statistical methods; plagiarism; and deliberate misrepresentation of others’ results.”

Birds of a feather? Bjorn is often quoted by syndicated columnist George Will.

He says he is a “designated” Wall Street Journal “panelist.”


I know what a designated batter is and what a panelist is, but I’ve never seen or heard of them combined.


Gary Piazzon, Prius driver,

college graduate



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