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Disarming citizens makes a target | Letters

January 24, 2013 · Updated 3:53 PM


Like Pandora’s Box, we have opened the box and can no longer put back what we have brought forth.

As a species, we humans have, since man first stood upright, looked for bigger and better ways to kill our fellow man.

Guns are just one of the many things we let out of the box, but like the others, we cannot put them back. Why, you ask?

Simply because those who would do us harm would not, and there for the rest of us cannot. Disarm the citizens and you leave them open to be preyed upon by those no law will ever disarm.

Prime examples:

Australia disarmed its citizens and the next year crimes involving firearms skyrocketed.

Israel had a school shooting incident; they train their teachers to shoot and carry weapons. No new school shootings since.

The United States has as many or more gun control laws on the books as any country.

Every time there is a new shooting that outrages the public, we enact more laws, but what we don’t do is provide the funding to enforce the laws we already have.

No criminal is going to enter a place knowing there is a good chance of being shot.

They want sheep, too meek to fight back; not sheep dogs with the will and fangs to fight back.

Take a minute and think about just the latest shootings.

Do you honestly believe either shooter would have gone into that theater or school if they thought there was any chance they would be killed?

They are probably crazy, true, but not stupid. They both wanted soft targets.


Gary Karg

Oak Harbor


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