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Flashing traffic lights don’t work | Letters

November 30, 2012 · Updated 4:34 PM

I didn’t want to write this, but as you can see I just couldn’t take it anymore. What a waist of our money. Really!

I’m talking about the two digital speed limit signs on Loerland Lane. The speed limit is 30 until you come up the hill going toward Swantown then it slows to 25, and the other one coming off Swantown on to Loerland. All 25! What is that supposed to mean?

Slow down and go the speed limit? Right, because it might just mean that it is an active residential area. These flashing speed limit signs don’t make the cars slow down. I can stand there and watch on a daily bases, car after car ignore the flashing light that means slow down cause they are over the speed limit.

They don’t. Some are going as much as 45 mph. And when they come up to the flashing signs, there are no break lights. They don’t care!

Nothing is going to happen to them and they know it. Maybe I’m wrong but I think it would have been cheaper for the police to hang out on the side of the road for a few days and make a mint passing out tickets.

And just then maybe the speeders would learn to obe y the speed limit on Loerland.

Does anyone check those machines to see if it is slowing the cars down? I think if they did, they would know it not working. Put a camera in these and start giving tickets. The people who speed know they can.

This is an active residential area where we walk our dogs and the kids play sometimes out in the street.

It’s not going to take long to hurt someone or kill someone’s dog or cat. But I do want to thank those who do respect the speed limit. Thank you!

I think I am going to have to stand out by one of the signs and take my own pictures showing the lights flashing and the cars speed limit pop up and the license plate of the persons doing it on a daily bases.

Then give the police all the pictures so they realize how much money they could be making.

Can the police give the speeders a ticket then? Anyone have any decent suggestions?



Lynn Schofield
Oak Harbor


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