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‘Dynamic duo’ has wrong priorities | Letters

November 5, 2012 · Updated 3:03 PM

Island County commissioners Homola and Price Johnson have their priorities mixed up in more ways than one.

They deem an additional planner has a higher priority than what a sheriff’s deputy would provide for public safety. Public safety is required by the Constitution, whereas the planning function is not.

When Whidbey Camano Land Trust acquires property for public use, it is removed from the tax rolls and the tax burden is then indirectly transferred to the taxpayers.

Does that justify the dominant duo in the commissioners’ office taking thousands of tax dollars from the Conservation Futures Fund to fill the Land Trust coffers? That money came from the taxpayers for purposes other than bailing out a nonprofit organization!

The county health department has a mandatory annual inspection required of  non-standard septic systems, while standard systems have inspections once every three years. Using that schedule, we owners of non-standard are charged three times more than standard system inspections. This discriminatory treatment our commissioner duo ignore, since they consider income of greater importance than making the tax burden easier for taxpayers in difficult times.

Since their tenure in office, commissioners Homola and Price Johnson have drained what surplus funds there were to further programs that have insignificant value. Thus there are budgetary problems while the county acquires more assets via transfers by the Whidbey Camano Land Trust. Have the dominant duo thought of divesting the county of assets to be able to fund the budget without creating another tax or fee to saddle the taxpayers with?

It would seem logical that a public disclosure of where the Conservation Futures Funds are disbursed is necessary so the taxpayer can voice concern as to the use. Besides the solar panel and ornate gate on the Trillium land approach, how much of the funds given to the Land Trust went for salaries and other purposes that the public is unaware of? Please refrain from the euphemism, “It is for the common good.” That is so pompous sounding and disgustingly false!

Robert Turner



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