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November 5, 2012 · Updated 2:58 PM

I’ve followed politics since I was a teenager. And never in all these years have I witnessed a candidate change his position as often as Mitt Romney. I now think of him as multiple-choice Mitt. I understand that he’s a salesman — just look at his business success and quarter billion dollar fortune – but he seems to have no shame telling one group his supposed stand on foreign affairs and days later telling another group something altogether different. He’s all over the map on social issues. The man clearly has no core values or convictions, which means we really have no idea what he stands for or how he would govern. And because of the complete inconsistency in what he says he believes, I frankly question his honesty.

When he pointed out to a group of $50K-a-plate donors that he wouldn’t capture the vote of 47 percent of the population, suggesting that these folks are lazy moochers with no work ethic, I was stunned. The 47 percent that he referenced are, like myself, senior citizens on Medicare, firefighters, teachers and police officers. How could a man who wants to be President have such disdain for nearly half the population?

One of my favorite lines in Proverbs - “As a man thinketh, so is he” — if applied to Romney speaks volumes. It is painfully clear he simply wants to be president apparently out of what I would call ambition run amok. I don’t really think he cares about the average American.

Because of his wealth he truly cannot relate to us on any level that is evident. At a campaign rally he said he wasn’t concerned about the poor, as they have a safety net. This safety net would be decimated in the Romney-Ryan budget, so where does that leave this chunk of the population along with the aforementioned 47 percent? Their budget would benefit the upper 5 percent or so and place a greater financial burden on the rest of the population. Further, when asked about FEMA in one of the primary debates he said get rid of it. Let the states take over. Tell that to those states on the Eastern seaboard being pummeled by Hurricane Sandy.

So let’s look at his record. He wants to downsize the government, yet it was the government which supplied the funds for him to turn around the Olympics. As governor of Massachusetts - with respect to his vaunted bi-partisanship - he vetoed 800 bills sponsored by the Democrats.

When he took office MA was 37th in the nation in job creation; when he left it was 47th. He left the largest per capita debt of any state, and his approval rating was 34 percent. He keeps talking about being a job creator. His record indicates otherwise.

It’s not surprising, then, that Republican Colin Powell endorsed President Obama. In so doing he noted that Romney’s foreign policy is a moving target. I find that really frightening.

We need someone who says what he means and means what he says, someone who is looking out for all of us, not just for the wealthy few, and that man is Barack Obama.

We are at a critical juncture in this great nation’s history. I encourage everyone to vote and to get your ballot postmarked by November 6th!

Anne Wickstrand


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