Letter: Navy aviators are true heroes; learn to love noise


Yvonne Howell lives near Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. In a July article in Guideposts titled, “Jet, Jet, Pray!” she notes that, while some people complain about jet noise, she takes the sound of a jet passing as a cue to pray for the aviators. Her grandchildren have enthusiastically taken up her practice of praying for jets flying overhead.

Our community is sharply divided between those who clamor against jet noise and those who try to show their support. I see signs that say, “I Love Jet Noise” — a common way to show support, and a good one.

But I think we might make it more personal. How about “Navy aviators are my heroes!”?

It takes great skill and courage to fly a Navy jet, particularly in inclement weather or at night — and especially when operating from a carrier. Then add into the equation operating in a hostile environment in the Pacific.

Some years ago, a Chinese jet crashed into a P-3 Orion. Now the Chinese are threatening our Navy in the vicinity of the Spratly Islands. Calling our Navy aviators heroes is hardly an exaggeration. They put their lives on the line every time they go to work.

Their families are heroes too, for reasons too numerous and obvious to outline here.

And don’t forget Search and Rescue helicopters stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. They practice hovering near my home. When needed, they use the skills they attain here to save people from ships and mountain precipices, usually in the face of great danger.

Let’s talk less about jets and talk more about supporting the people flying them.

Richard Donovan,

Oak Harbor

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