Letter: Growlers will be fine if bridge gets destroyed


OMG! Oh No! What will the country do if all those expensive EA-18G Growlers — those noisy buggers that do touch-and-gos at OLF Coupeville — are stuck at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island if terrorists or a foreign state or an earthquake destroy Deception Pass Bridge and the water supply to the base.

It would be terrible, a nightmare, a waste of money. Oh, I forgot, they are airplanes and can fly away and return when things get better.


And as far as spreading the wealth of jobs and the sound of freedom to other areas, get this.

Here is a list, according to Wikipedia, of all the active naval air stations that get those jobs and sounds of freedom also: California has two, Florida has three, Maryland has one, Mississippi has one, Nevada has one, Texas has two, Virginia has one, Washington has one (Whidbey Island) and Italy has one.

There are also additional active U.S. Naval Stations or Naval bases with active airfields in Norfolk, Va., Mayport, Fla., Oxnard, Calf., Guantanamo, Cuba, and Rota, Spain.

There are also two functioning Reserve U.S. Naval Air Stations in Belle Chasse, La. and in Fort Worth, Texas.

I don’t want to go into how many Air Force bases there must be in the U.S. as well that spread the wealth, jobs and the sound of freedom.

I wonder why there was no concern expressed about what will happen to all those expensive P3-Orions and P8-Poseidons when the bridge is gone; Oh, I forgot again, maybe it’s because they don”t do touch-and-gos at OLF Coupeville.

It wouldn’t be so easy if people weren’t so obvious. People should just be honest and say what it seems they really want. Not in my backyard.

Marc De Jong

Oak Harbor

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