Bowling alley changes name from SM Recreation to Oak Harbor Recreation

  • Friday, August 18, 2017 1:56pm
  • Opinion

100 years ago (1916 — Oak Harbor News)

n Oak Harbor News reported that “Mr. Holt and Ed Cleveland, who recently purchased Fred Armstrong’s threshing machine, went to San de Fuca Wednesday to get the machine ready for operation.”

n In the “Local Jottings about Town” column, Mrs. L. L. Monnet and her daughter were said to have been visiting friends in Seattle.

n The top story heralded the coming of a high school canning club exhibit in their assembly hall.

n The Cash Store advertised peanut butter for 15 cents a pound.

75 years ago (1941—Farm Bureau News)

n In a new Washington state mandate, residents of boarding houses, college dorms and fraternity houses were told to relinquish their ration books if they ate 12 or more meals a week on them.

n The bowling alley re-opened “under the sole proprietorship Louis Styles,” who rebranded the business from S&M Recreation to Oak Harbor Recreation.

n Mrs. Carl Wikander, along with two daughters, visited from Honolulu, where they had lived “during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.”

n The Scamper shop advertised denim slacks, starting at $1.50.

50 years ago (1966—Whidbey News Times)

n Rear Admiral James D. Ramage stated that Naval Air Station Whidbey Island was set to grow, thanks to a coming major base buildup with the A6A Intruder, which he called “the best bomber in the world.”

n After a fire broke out in a forest near Silverlake Road, the Oak Harbor fire department drained 4,500 gallons of water on the inferno, putting it out.

n Carroll Devries of Scenic Heights experienced a grass fire in her garage due to “sparks from burning garbage igniting the grass. The fire caused only minor damage.

n Oak Harbor Furniture advertised “the famous Rock-A-Lounger” recliner chair for $119.95

25 years ago (1991—Whidbey News Times)

n Coupeville School District detailed plans for more interactive curricula, including a Lego project using “pulleys, gears, torque and ratios.”

n After the break of a stunning deadlock, “Oak Harbor City Council approved the controversial Eagle Crest housing project” for development with a 5-2 vote.

n Clement Nwbaeze, a former school teacher from Nigeria, spoke out against the immigration service from Island County Jail, after his struggle for citizenship resulted in “a decade-long fight against deportation and two years in various jails.”

n The Sun Flower Group offered clip-out coupons for perms. “Finally a perm with built-in conditioning.”

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