‘Twas the night before Christmas and out on the wharf,

I longed to be busy like a Santa Claus dwarf.

But alas, it was quiet, no “crabs in my trap,”

So I settled down for a well deserved nap.

I soon fell asleep as though in my bed,

While visions of espresso danced in my head.

When out on the dock there arose such a racket,

I sprang limped from my chair and donned my life jacket.

Across the old deck I crept like a snail

Reached the far end and peered over the rail.

When what to my squinty old eyes should appear

But the SUVA with Santa and eight SUVAneers.

They scurried like wharf rats as wildly she came

And he yelled and he shouted and called them by name.

Ho salty, and stumpy, peg-leg and scupper.

Now spinnaker, rummy, poopdeck and lubber.

They bumped to the dock, then over the side,

They carried a plank with Santa astride.

Astonished I stared with my mouth wide agape

He was dressed all in red with boots and a cape.

But that’s where familiarity stopped

For he looked like a pirate with beard shortly cropped

He had one gold earring, a patch on one eye and

A hat with white feather that stretched to the sky.

A large sack of loot he had slung on his back

And writ cross his belt was “Old Santa Jack.”

I noticed he had white lace on his cuff.

His suit it was taut and bulging with stuff

A scabbard and sword hung down at his hip

With reindeer horn guard and candy cane grip.

At first I was frightened but as they passed by,

He raised his black patch and winked his “bad” eye.

They marched down the pier then up into town

So I went back inside to my chair and sat down.

I slumbered and snored for what seemed none too long

Then awoke to the strains of a sea shanty song.

I looked t’ward the ship now leaving its berth,

All the sailors onboard were dancing with mirth.

Their work was all done and I saw Santa Jack

His bag was now empty, his suit lean and slack.

Solitaire and alone he was perched high aloft.

He waved and he laughed and his tricorn he doffed.

And I heard him exclaim as they sailed out of sight,

“Merry Christmas to Coupeville and to all a good


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