Sound Off: Consult Ike before war

We should see through the self-serving paranoia the Bush administration has purposely generated for the sake of getting us into war so they can usurp the wartime provisions of the Constitution. Having emerged from our War of Independence, the framers of our Constitution had no idea that anyone would be so low as to foment war for selfish purposes.

Like President-Generals George Washington, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and similar others (even Ulysses S. Grant) who lived through war’s nightmares; war was the last thing anyone in their right mind could want. Ike’s declaration on the issues is available for anyone to read in his farewell speech posted at http://cours

esa.matrix.msu.edu/~hst306/documents/indust.html. While masquerading in “Ike’s” mantle, the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Perle gang desecrated the precepts and warnings he made in that historic address. The colossally insidious war profiteering and hypocrisy by President Bush, V.P. Cheney and his consortium of associated corporations, has been clear to anyone able and willing to follow the news. Are we more righteous because we kill in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?

It’s been so easy for other nations to recognize what our current Administration has been up to, but so difficult for some of us. Why? I think it was Mark Twain who noted how difficult it is for people to recognize and remedy unethical things that their income and livelihood depend on. It’s called “rationalization.”

Defense is both righteous and honorable. Aggression isn’t. The Bush-Cheney Administration fomented war, building up a military monster employing many in the military establishment whose livelihood depends on believing the paranoid hysteria they preach. “Little Bush’s” conspiracy began clear back in his 2000 campaign when he declared that we should take sides in the Middle East conflict. Until then, Presidents Carter, “Daddy Bush,” and Clinton worked hard to bring peace to the region which beside being the right thing to do also gave us low cost oil and the best economy we’ve ever known. All during that time our news reported that our domestic oil companies were complaining that they couldn’t make the profits they wanted because of the competition.

Bush and Cheney (being domestic oil people) sure fixed that! In effect G.W. threatened Arabs and Muslims everywhere inciting their worst fears, raising their price of oil, and even elicited the horrors of “9-11.” In turn, that was used to justify the carnage of Iraq, seizure of their oil profits for the rebuilding (to Cheney industries), and decimation of our national treasury, all of which builds up an enormous war chest for the next election. Sadly, money is what wins elections. It buys the political pundits and talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, The Savage Nation, and their ilk.

Way back before 2000, Howard Dean warned that the aim of the big-business controlled Republican Party was to deplete the treasury into bankruptcy so that entitlement programs for the working class such as Social Security and Medicare would die for lack of funding. How can anyone fail to see how right he was? The wealthy class wants it all. Greed and avarice know no limits. It isn’t hard to connect the dots and see their overall scheme. Look at how they outsourced labor and did all they can to reduce our working class to a “third world” status. They are right on schedule and all they need to do now is find ways to procrastinate ending the war until the end of their term in office. It’s so easy to start a war and so eternally hard to end one. They know that. Look how our Civil War still rages in the minds of many Southerners.

It would be well for us all to review Ike’s message. It came from the heart of one who had been through the crucible of war and greed of our political behavior.

Al Williams, a retired truck driver, lives in Oak Harbor.

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