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The following items were selected from reports made to the Island County Sheriff’s Office:

Friday, May 5

At 4:42 p.m., a caller reported a fight in the middle of West Beach Road.

At 4:57 p.m., a resident reported ongoing problems with transients in a field on Oak Harbor Road. There are tents up and they had a bonfire the night before.

At 7:14 p.m., a caller reported that the windows of the Admirals Cove clubhouse had been broken out.

At 10:55 p.m., a driver reported possibly interrupting two boys who were spray painting the bathrooms at Deception Pass.

Saturday, May 6

At 2:45 p.m., a caller on Newman Road reported that a mother goat was on the ground and shaking after having a stillborn baby.

At 3:30 p.m., a caller reported that a bag filled with guns and switchblades was at a garage sale on Bush Point Road.

At 4:34 p.m., there was a report that a girl beat up another girl on Canterbury Lane.

At 4:49 p.m., a caller reported that an eagle with clipped wings was on a beach near Whidbey Shores Road. Another caller said the eagle has damaged wing and is bloody.

At 6:14 p.m., a resident reported that a burglary occurred over the past three months at a home on Kinzie Road.

Sunday, May 7

At 1:03 a.m., a Crosswords Circle resident reported that a prowler was in the house. The caller said the man had left and was walking down Heller Road.

At 9:15 a.m., a driver reported that a man was walking down the middle of Engle Road and wasn’t yielding to traffic.

At 1:26 p.m., a caller reported that a sick beaver was in the saltwater off West Beach in Deception Pass State Park.

Monday, May 8

At 8:05 a.m., a woman asked police to check on her husband on Copse Lonnin Place. She said he thinks aliens are in the house and is worried about the “waves.”

At 9:48 a.m., a deer fetus was reported on the side of Ewing Road.

Tuesday, May 9

At 11:58 a.m., a dead cat was found on Heller Road.

At 3:13 p.m., there was a report of a mower spewing gas near the highway at Northgate Drive.

At 3:28 p.m., a dead cat was reported on West Beach Road.

At 7:56 p.m., a caller reported that a man in a blue Chevy pulled a gun on him on Gramayre Road.

Monday, May 15

At 7:19 a.m., a caller reported that two brown cows were loose in the Zylstra Road area.

At 4:41 p.m., a resident reported a pedestrian zigzagging on Smugglers Cove Road.

Tuesday, May 16

At 7:58 a.m., an Oak Harbor Road resident reported that a suspicious old truck with an old mattress was parked near the woodpile.

At 12:11 p.m., an East Frostad Road resident asked how he could file a report about a helicopter that flew over his home.

At 2:19 p.m., a caller reported that a man was “wandering extremely slow” and trying to hitch a ride to the Freeland Cafe.

At 3:38 p.m., a caller reported that a man with a machete was pointing at cars near the VFW.

At 6:35 p.m., a Lancaster Road resident reported that a helicopter buzzed the house.

At 8:19 p.m., an upside-down boat was reported in Polnell Bay.

Wednesday, May 17

At 2:04 a.m., a Jones Road resident reported seeing someone go through her mailbox.

At 6:41 p.m., a caller in California reported that transient people were living in the caller’s home in Coupeville.

At 7:16 p.m., a Sprinter Lane resident reported having issues with coyotes coming on to the property.

Friday, May 19

At 2:14 p.m., a resident reported being pickpocketed in Arizona.

At 4:18 p.m., an East Harbor Road resident reported providing information about Martha Stewart and isn’t going to provide any more.

At 4:59 p.m., a Libbey Road resident reported that a boat was stolen from a Libbey Road location and broken down into smaller pieces.

Saturday, May 20

At 5:11 p.m., a woman reported that another women got in her face, screamed and “put her hands on” the caller on Hersig Road.

At 8:02 p.m., a caller reported that a woman was taking her clothes off and doing jumping jacks on Scenic Heights Road. The caller speculated she is on drugs.

Sunday, May 21

At 10:48 a.m., a caller reported that a duck and ducklings were stopping traffic on the highway near Hastie Lake Road.

At 1:38 p.m., the hospital reported that a patient assaulted a nurse.

Monday, May 22

At 4:33 a.m., a Queets Street reported that someone was banging on the door and windows.

At 8:44 a.m., there was a report that someone throw barbells through the windows of Penn Cove Pottery.

At 4:48 p.m., callers reported that a “completely naked” woman was walking around Windjammer Park.

At 5:01 p.m., a caller reported that four people were fighting near the baseball fields downtown.

At 8:09 p.m., callers reported that a tree with an eagles next fell down on Porter Street. There was a report that baby eagles needed help.

The following items were selected from reports made to the Oak Harbor Police Department:

Monday, May 1

At 2:08 p.m., a caller at a location on the highway reported that a man was talking with a gun in his lap and “tapped it on his lap.”

At 6:02 p.m., a manhole cover was reported missing on the highway.

At 7:05 p.m., a caller reported that a man was passed out and sleeping under a stairwell on Southeast Eighth Avenue.

Tuesday, May 2

At 6:34 a.m., a car break-in was reported on West Whidbey Avenue.

At 8:44 a.m., a car break-in was reported on South Oak Harbor Street.

At 9:39 a.m., a car break-in was reported on Southwest Eighth Avenue.

At 1:26 p.m., a Southwest Fleet Street resident reported finding raccoons in the fireplace.

At 2:11 p.m., a caller reported that his phone was stolen and he tracked it to a home on Erie Street.

At 4:32 p.m., a Southeast Ninth Avenue resident reported that her house was “wired” and she wanted to speak with an officer.

At 7:51 p.m., a caller reported that a man was screaming at the top of his lungs on South Beeksma Drive.

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