Man shot by police had been ‘acting strange’

A man who was shot by police in Oak Harbor July 11 was acting strange and using drugs in the days prior to the incident, according to court documents.

A search warrant affidavit shows that Nathan Trujillo was contacted by police at least twice in the days prior to the shooting in downtown Oak Harbor.

Trujillo is being held in Island County Jail on $100,000 bail. Prosecutors charged him in Island County Superior Court July 14 with kidnapping in the first degree.

A detective applied for a search warrant and was granted approval to take two vials of Trujillo’s blood to test for drugs. In addition, the detectives got permission to get a DNA sample from him.

On July 4, an officer was dispatched to a report of a man trespassing behind a home on Northeast Easy Street. The officer reported finding Trujillo, who was “slightly off” and speaking about God and other religious topics.

The next day the officer was called to the gazebo in Windjammer Park.

He found Trujillo sleeping inside with a used syringe and a broken glass pipe next to him. The officer noted that Trujillo was disheveled. Trujillo admitted to using heroin and methamphetamine but denied medical assistance.

The officer provided Trujillo with information to get help.

Just before 9 a.m., a witness reported that a man, who appeared scared, was hiding in the bushes and yelling at people passing by.

A short time afterward, Trujillo allegedly grabbed a woman who was nearby and pulled her to a small park.

Witnesses said Trujillo held an object, possibly a gun, to the woman’s neck and screamed “some type of religious diatribe,” the document states.

Police officers arrived and saw that Trujillo was pointing a gun at the woman.

After he refused to drop the weapon, one of the officers shot Trujillo, hitting him in the arm and causing him to drop the gun. The woman was not injured.

Trujillo “didn’t even flinch” when he was shot, the document indicates. He was combative with police as they arrested him — yelling incoherently about the devil — and was tasered.

Trujillo’s weapon turned out to be a BB gun.