Coupeville names new student school board representative

Laurence Boado admitted it was a little nerve-racking fielding questions from the Coupeville School Board.

All eyes were on Boado, a Coupeville High School junior, when it was his time to be interviewed for the school board’s student representative position late last month.

He was up against classmate Jacob Smith, a friend since grade school.

“It could have been a flip of the coin,” Boado said.

In the end, the school board appointed Boado for the position, which he will serve for one year, starting with the next school board meeting Dec. 19.

He will replace Bree Daigneault.

“I really wanted to do this just because I think it’s a good thing to voice opinions,” Boado said. “For example, if we needed money for band for new equipment — that could take away from science and I want to make sure there’s an equal balance between science and band, or mathematics and engineering.

“I think I’m connected enough to be able to give that opinion for everybody.”

One of Boado’s passions is the school band, which he’s been a part of since the sixth grade. He plays the clarinet, and also plays soccer for the Wolves.

Boado has been enrolled with the Coupeville School District since kindergarten and has a sister in seventh grade.