Burglar makes breakfast, gets beating from homeowner

An Oak Harbor man is accused of breaking into a house, making eggs and bacon and then falling asleep on the couch before the residents arrived home and “beat his ass,” according to court documents.

While he was in jail, the man — Zachariah P. Llewelyn, 23 — allegedly pried the inmate phones from the wall.

Prosecutors charged Llewelyn in Island County Superior Court March 6 with residential burglary, malicious mischief in the third degree and theft in the third degree. He was also charged with malicious mischief in the other case.

Early in the morning of Feb. 12, a deputy with the Island County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at Whitney Drive near Oak Harbor. The caller said the owner of the house beat up a burglar and had him detained on the porch.

The deputy arrived to find Llewelyn sitting barefoot with blood on his face.

Llewelyn insisted that he lived in the house, though he admitted kicking in three windows to get inside.

The residents reported that they returned to the house to find the windows smashed and the lights on. They went inside to find a stranger sleeping on the couch. They fought with Llewelyn and dragged him from the house when he refused to leave, according to the deputy’s report.

The residents said Llewelyn prepared and ate eggs and bacon and drank a soda. He left the egg carton and the greasy pan on the stove before falling asleep on the couch.

The residents’ dog was also missing.