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Let the calendar, God work an epiphany into daily life | Faithful Living

By JOAN BAY KLOPE Whidbey News-Times Columnist
January 13, 2013 · Updated 3:16 PM

At the beginning of each new year I go calendar shopping. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I especially enjoy the seasonal kiosks in the mall; the ones that feature wall calendars with great photography. While I thoroughly enjoy the shopping, I invariably head to a business supply store where I choose a planner I can easily stick in my purse.

This year I stepped away from tradition and went calendar app shopping on my Kindle Fire. Much to my delight I have found one that takes the information I input and presents it in convenient formats at the touch of a tab. I can see my schedule in a monthly, weekly, daily, or agenda format if I so desire. Gone are the paper calendars with erasure marks and WiteOut. This year I open my Kindle, touch the application, and I’m instantaneously gifted with clean, color coded schedules. For someone who values organization, it’s a wonder.

And it fits in my purse.

While setting up the 2013 schedules in my new technology-based planner, I have incorporated my church calendar as well. Each of these seasons have history, tradition, music, prayers, and purpose that are meaningful to me. They steer me through the life of Jesus on a yearly basis and bring the experiences and themes of His life into mine.

Jan. 6 is noted on my calendar as Epiphany Day. It reminds me that the 12 days of Christmas have concluded and now is the season to allow the joy of Christ’s birth to undergird all that I do. Epiphany comes from an ancient Greek word meaning, “a showing forth,” and marks the day the Wise Men from the East met the baby Jesus. In this story Jesus is shown to gentiles; He is meant for everyone. I like being reminded that we are called to share our enthusiasm for Christ to everyone.

Rarely, these days, do you hear someone claim they’ve “Had an epiphany!” but I imagine you’ve experienced “Ah-ha!” or “light bulb” moments numerous times throughout your life. These flashes of insight may not be easy insights, but they serve to bring pieces of information together in ways that make sense. They usually work to shine a light on a personal matter that needs attention.

Because I believe that my faith invites God into my daily life and into my very being, I also believe epiphany moments often mark those times when God’s Spirit is working, providing me with the knowledge I need to move forward. What is particularly interesting with this notion is my inability to manipulate or coerce this kind of insight. God works independently of my will; He also works continually. I must be careful I don’t allow myself to be too distracted to notice.

Between now and Feb. 10, the Season of Epiphany will progress. Join me, won’t you, and think about what you’d like to experience and maybe even accomplish during this time. Do you know someone who could use the good news of God’s love? Are you facing tough situations or issues and could use an epiphany or two?

Let’s ask. And watch. And learn.


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