What if Whidbey base is taken out by a Chinese ICBM?


Some points to ponder. First, In 1941 most of our fleet was in Pearl Harbor and was almost wiped out by the Japanese attack. Is history repeating itself? What if China lobs one well placed ICBM onto Naval Air Station Whidbey Island and takes out the majority of our electronic attack capabilities?

Who made this very misguided decision?

Secondly, if a private sector company were polluting the groundwater, creating superfund sites and exposing the local citizenry to deafening noise they would be fined out of existence by the EPA, BBB and numerous other government entities. Our politicians would be grandstanding to no end. Sadly, but predictably, in this matter they are silent.

Thirdly, what will it take? An aircraft going down in a neighborhood with the ensuing loss of life and property? Not to mention creating another toxic site? Examples of such disasters are easy to find, Nashville 1996, San Diego 2008 and Virginia Beach 2012.

Is Whidbey Island, “time to be determined” next on this list?

William E. Schroeder


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