We need to get proactive about code enforcement


In response to a recent Whidbey News-Times article on code violations, this seems to be a big issue that has been on the back burner — a low priority.

The property owners responsible for these violations should have their wages garnished to compensate the county, if possible.

Also, violations are not necessarily the result of a mental health issue but, if they are, they should be the caretaker’s responsibility since some of them are paid by the state.

Homes that are a health hazard, like one on our street, where the code enforcer has posted a warning notice on doors for over a year, can cause death.

It is full of feces, flies, rats, raccoons and cats that come and go through an open door, likely transmitting diseases to the public.

These houses should be boarded up immediately for public safety, especially since there are two day cares on this street.

As for Island County Commissioner Jill Johnson’s suggestion to put out porta potties and wash stations, would you have this done on your block? This would encourage more transients to move there.

This has been going on for a long time and nothing has been done. Why try to put a bandage on it?

You need to group together and form a task force to address the issue. You need to have shelters, rehab, mental evaluations and work with them to find work.

Many of them are able bodied.

As for foreclosed homes, there should be some way the county can make the banks responsible to manage those properties.

Let’s tackle the problem.

Dee Holwitz

Oak Harbor