Vote for commissioner with positive leadership skills


A recent letter regarding the District 3 County Commissioner race exhorted people to vote Republican, stating “we cannot afford to have a Democrat elected for District 3.” I think this isn’t the time for more tribal behavior. Nationally that strategy has only divided us. Instead, here in Island County let’s emerge from our corners and look beyond labels. Vote for the most competent person. That would be Janet St. Clair.

St. Clair is a nonprofit executive with strong experience managing large budgets. She is known for being able to work respectfully with others to build healthy communities.

Janet will responsibly steward the resources of Island County, work for fair representation and protect the natural beauty of our islands. As an added bonus, she believes climate change is real.

Janet St. Clair, Democrat and proud resident of Camano Island, will be a strong advocate for all of the people she represents. Look to the future and vote for a person with seasoned and positive leadership skills – Janet St. Clair.

Merri Huffine

Oak Harbor

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