Trump speaks truth, not racism


It’s the economy stupid. And it’s DACA silly. It’s conservative judges, the wall, regulation roll back, treaty truth and military might. It’s about common-sense taxation, repealing the Obamacare disaster and being able to love our country again without being shamed or even caring what the America-hating leftists say or do. These are the things false charges of racism are made of.

In response to the possibility of a “you get DACA, we get the wall” agreement with congressional Democrat leaders televised for all to see, the Democrat base reacted with mindless hate. Thus, the Democrat leadership reinstituted Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Democrats reached into their hat of political tricks and they pull out…the race card! A tried and true means by which to appease their followers and bludgeon their opponents. And their yippy lap dogs in the fake news go right along.

Everyone knows that there are crappy places thanks to socialism, tribal warfare, dictatorships, government corruption and the Clintons’ stealing relief funds. But the left can’t admit this truth, for its mostly their beliefs and party platform ideals that cause these places. So, the lie that every place is equal must be perpetuated. But do people flee for their lives from a place of equality to a place of equality? Or do people flee from crappy socialist hell holes to places of safety and opportunity?

And everyone knows that, just because someone flees from a crappy place, this does not make them a crappy person or race of people. It just means they were blessed enough to escape from a crappy socialist utopia, the kind of crappy place America will become if the Democrat party has its way.

The blood libel charge of “racism” was a no brainer for the Dems. This perpetual false charge always placates the leftist mob. Everyone in the Democrat party believes most, if not all, Republicans are racists. No proof is required nor offered that every Republican is a racist.

It is just known, a given among the faithful leftist mob. Truth is, this lie of all-encompassing racism is simply an unfounded character assassination belief, perpetuated to reclaim the high ground of emotions as the only possible basis for policy decisions. The left dare not use facts to rule.

Trump is not a racist. But he does speak unfiltered truth. His harsh reality statements gave the Dems the out they suddenly realized they needed to remain the socialist party of “NO!” against all things good for America. After all, they need more voters don’t ya know? And what better place to get them than from crappy socialist hell holes where the downtrodden imports will vote straight Democrat party tickets in exchange for big government handouts for the next generation or two.

Ty Welch

Oak Harbor

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