Transit building should be available for public to tour


It’s a building bought and paid for by taxpayers.

So why do Island County elected officials continue allowing Island Transit’s executive director and administrative staff to put up roadblocks detouring citizens rights?

It’s their “open-door” to the public, who own the facility, which is important. We the people, are entitled to know what goes on inside Island Transit’s “Taj Mahal,” but all too often Island Transit seems to treat public info like a guarded secret, apart from the fact that Island Transit, a public building, is currently closed to the public.

The American people expect their public servants to be good stewards of their tax dollars.

Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay, or continue to pay for, an “inaccessible” public facility and fat salaries of incompetent staff.

This citizen has run into similar roadblocks seeking public info from Island Transit, such as state and federally required record keeping and physical whereabouts of all public owned Transit Asset Management, i.e., equipment to include (five) golf carts; or roadblocks seeking public records related to the former executive director’s forgery, falsified federal grant document and impersonating commissioned official/certifying agent, but that’s in federal hands now.

Gayle Zachaukirk

Oak Harbor

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