To allow this small business to ‘die’ is simply shameful


It is egregious — outstandingly bad, shocking, appalling, terrible, awful, horrendous, frightful, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent and outrageous — that the public officials of the City of Oak Harbor are now forcing The Daily Grind out of business. I am appalled that, after two years of waffling and confusion by city officials, Tammie and Michael DeRosas will be forced out of business because of the city’s inaction and contemptible behavior.

The Daily Grind is more than just a coffee shop. It is a place where seniors can gather together in a safe space and enjoy friendship and companionship. The owners encourage guests to linger and chat and welcome everyone from infants to “superseniors.”

My husband and I have supported The Daily Grind from the days when it was located just a few doors down from Oak Harbor Cinemas. That’s more than a decade.

To see what has happened to this business, the stress of the wastewater treatment plant construction and accompanying loss of business, without recompense from the city, is disheartening.

I have sat on juries that have awarded small businesses damages from state and local jurisdictions for less than what the City of Oak Harbor has done to the DeRosas!

While the DeRosas looked for a new location after being told of plans to demolish the building that houses their business, they were thwarted at every turn by city bureaucrats who refused to allow variances that would be easy to approve and, in fact, were granted to other small businesses. They should have been given financial help from the city to relocate and for the loss of business from the construction.

To lose another small business that pays taxes and offers something unique to residents is extremely poor management by the city. There are so few places in the world today that offer what The Daily Grind has offered to the community of Oak Harbor.

To allow this business to die is shameful and proves what poor custodians of the public trust inhabit Oak Harbor City Hall. This is not just a loss for the DeRosas, but for everyone.

Sharrie Shannon

Oak Harbor