Tired of being pawn in political agenda


As I write this letter our government is shut down because the Senate has not been able to approve a continuing resolution to keep government open and operating.

And why has this happened? Some will tell us it is complicated. But if you get down to the basics, it really is very simple.

The Republican side says it will not open discussion on DACA — Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals.

And the Democrats say they will not pass a budget until DACA is discussed. Now understand that DACA has nothing to do with the budget and that DACA issues do not need to be settled until March 5.

Yes, it is that simple. We, the citizens, are being held hostage by a Democratic Party that insists on attaching DACA discussion to the passing of the budget.

I for one will remember this when election time rolls around and will do my best to make sure these individuals do not get reelected.

My hope is that my fellow citizens will be as tired as I am of being used as pawns for somebody’s personal political agenda and will also say enough is enough.

William Christian

Oak Harbor

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