The country needs truth, justice and reconciliation


I would like to respond to Mr. Ed Hickey’s Jan. 6 letter. First, it is the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party.

I could take Mr. Hickey’s letter point by point and dispute it all; however, that would only result in an on-going argument no one would win.

Instead, I would like to address the anger and divisiveness of our country that echoes in his letter.

The United States of America is composed of around 325 million people as of 2016. Each person has his/her own beliefs and ideas and they are not necessarily the same as another.

The way forward for our country must include educating ourselves about what is truth and what is false.

We, as citizens of these United States, must find a way to converse with each other, compromise when necessary and progress without calling anyone names, ridiculing their beliefs, bullying or belittling.

Mr. Hickey, your letter spoke of fear, hatred and anger toward fellow citizens who do not happen to believe the same as you.

I am calling on all to shed the emotions and work together to find a path that is inclusive and respectful.

We need truth, justice and reconciliation for our beloved country.

The USA belongs to all her citizens, not just one party. In quoting the Preamble of the Constitution: “We The People of the United States.”

Let us start that conversation today.

Diana Brown

Oak Harbor

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