Shutdown a reminder of gradeschool civics class


Following the weekend’s great American congressional shut down, a government power play, I found myself reminiscing about the carefree days of my youth. I remembered my early education, specifically a third period civics class and very special teacher.

Being my education at the time was qualified by answering multiple choice questions, Ms. Howard, the civics teacher, always began the week with a multiple choice question of the week pertaining to a civic happening in the news.

This weekend’s congressional show of force would have inspired a red meat question of the week from her. I know, having experienced her intense interest in civics, which did not allow for much class sleep time. Most likely the question would have been as follows.

Which poses the greatest threat to our civil society today?

A. Terrorism

B. Dysfunctional government

C. Dysfunctional leadership

D. Apathetic citizens

E. All of the above

A teacher and a class I should have appreciated sooner.

Feel free to take this commentary tale as food for thought. If not, use it around a future campfire if you’re to have one.

Thomas Strang


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