Show support by attending base open house


On June 24, we get to show our support for our troops. I get it’s hard for many of my fellow supporters of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island to get time off from traditional working hours to wait patiently for our turn to speak at an Island County government function or want to brave a Draft EIS hearing. Which its public record requires some bravery … bravery which I was honored to exercise on behalf of the real heroes who give civilians that right — our troops!

I ask, my fellow Americans, when you decide what to do this weekend, to please take a moment and think of what the military families think of us civilians. They read of a courageous politician standing up for military training being compared to a genocidal dictator. They hear of irresponsible souls moving near OLF and then demanding not just that it close due to noise, but request for a trail to further encroach and hear unwanted sounds.

I’d rather our military families and our military hear this weekend that we civilians have their backs and want to help them out. The road to that begins by attending the NAS Whidbey Island open house June 24.

Joe A. Kunzler


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