Reader wants voters to see all pool has to offer


I wish you all could see the expression on children’s faces at their first swim lessons — as they learn how to manage in the water — to take that first paddle and find that, yes, the water will hold them up! Then, it’s on to swimming for endurance, taking the first jump off the diving board, learning what to do to save their own lives, as well as learning to save another’s life.

I wish you could be there for open swim opportunities — watching families playing together — seeing both the timid and the show-offs use the diving board and the ball on a rope that swings you out across the pool and lets you drop off into the refreshing pool — all under the watchful eye of a life guard.

I wish you could watch the lap swimmers. Some of them begin with determination to dog paddle their way along the length of the pool — wanting to change their bodies and life styles. You can watch the ones who stick with it — their strokes become smoother — they go from one lap to many — their bodies feel and show the difference. You can watch the toned bodies of the more experienced, both young and old, as they power themselves across the pool.

I wish you could join the water aerobics classes — doing exercises that restore and strengthen the body, enjoying moving to the music, enjoying chatting with friends while they exercise. There’s also the opportunity for water Zumba and water walking. Some people’s favorite thing is water volleyball — you know that when you hear their shouts of laughter while they play.

I wish you could see the patience in the therapist’s eyes while she (or he) leads a patient into the water for the first visit. The water provides a soothing atmosphere where healing can continue until full strength and mobility are achieved.

The most wonderful part is that you can experience these opportunities. All you have to do is visit our great Oak Harbor swimming pool.

There is just one big obstacle, to keep the pool open and all these great programs going, we must pass the North Whidbey Park and Recreation levy. Please vote “yes” and keep the pool and its program available to all. Your yes vote does not increase your taxes — it simply maintains the same low rate we have been paying for years.

The pool is worth it! Vote yes for Park and Recreation.

Patricia Hardin

Oak Harbor

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