Prosperity, greatness does not meet Dem’s agenda

Prosperity, greatness does not meet Democratic agenda


In response to Julie Lary’s Jan. 31 letter, “Democrats are not reacting with ‘mindless hate’”, the one thing really missing from her letter was any reference to immigration laws.

We are a nation of laws, not a country that ignores laws in favor of “compassion and feelings,” which the Democrats seem to have in overabundance. DACA was a completely illegal, unconstitutional, “compassion and feelings” power play by Obama.

Of course it was favored by Democrats and not one of them objected and said it was against the law. Obama should have put pressure on his Democrat Congress to pass a law but chose not to and acted unilaterally and illegally, flouting the law and Democrats adopted it because it was right and just.

President Trump terminated DACA because of its illegality and rightly sent it to Congress for repair. Unquestionably, we are a nation of legal immigrants, and many successfully work in high tech, health care, science and other important fields, and their importance to our country and economy cannot be overstated. However, flouting immigration laws to bring in unlimited, completely unskilled, uneducated, no English language ability people from “crappy socialist hell holes” and violent countries, with no funds to support themselves, places a burden on our government and taxpayers with zero return to the country. For what purpose? This is a “feel good” thing by Democrats and they tell everybody the immigrants are here enjoying the American Dream.

Of course they are, with all of the free stuff, the envy of taxpaying Americans, in return for their votes. These people will not work in high tech, science or health fields. Most, if not all, will be on welfare, rent subsidies, food stamps, free medical, dental, cash money allowances and free education, if they might qualify and all the rest.

Additionally, through chain migration, they can bring all of their relatives along to participate in all the free stuff. Democrats are worried about their voter base. They strongly oppose voter ID laws that would prevent illegals from voting and often, but ID is required for just about everything else a person does, so the Democrat motive is clear.

Then there are sanctuary cities that protect illegals, again flouting our immigration laws, and Democrat activist judges ready to block any legal presidential moves that un-favor illegal immigrants. Why? For the vote of course.

Sanctuary cities are all run by Democrats. I do not think Democrats will be ever satisfied until they have enough voters to sustain them in power in perpetuity. Congressional Democrats have no intention of working with our president to make America great.

American prosperity and greatness clearly does not agree with their agenda. It is all about control of the people by having them dependent upon a Democrat government.

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor

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