Property owners need more respect from the legislature


Washingtonians sure like driving on the left side of the road. Well, maybe that’s the English. Anyway, we are different as we are one of only seven states without an income tax. We love the peculiar way we collect money to run the state and local governments. Or perhaps it’s just because all the politicians are bought by special interests in this state not to impose an income tax.

The problem is the increased reliance on taxing property owners — as evidenced by the state legislature lumping the new court-mandated education costs on the backs of property owners. There is so little respect for property owners that two local government groups — North Whidbey Fire and North Whidbey Parks and Rec — qualified two property tax measures for the November ballot even before they were voted on for the August ballot. I’m sure they know what’s best for the property owners as they attempt to force tax hikes on us by beating us down with multiple measures.

The problem is not taxes, per se, but the type of tax. One of the founding ideas of this country was liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Well liberty is freedom, but we are never really free unless we can carve out our own home somewhere in this land and own it so that nobody can take it from you. Even if you pay your liens you are always a renter and not an owner. Don’t believe me? Try not paying property taxes to your landlord (the county) and find out what happens. After a couple years your property will be sold from under you for pennies on the dollar and law enforcement will show up to forcibly remove you from your home.

Maybe since the politicians are so in the pockets of those (the rich) that don’t want income tax, the property owners should take things into their own hands and place an initiative on the ballot that would eliminate property taxes. And then qualify it for every ballot thereafter. Maybe then property owners would get noticed by politicians and start to get some respect in this state.

Thomas Kosloske

Oak Harbor