No more ‘BS’ with gun control excuses


This is an open letter directed to Washington state legislators who failed to allow a assault weapon ban or even a limit on purchase of assault weapons to come to the floor of the House or Senate for a vote.

As a result the current state law, which allows an 18-year-old to purchase an AR-15, remains in effect.

In response to your failure to answer my demand to ban assault weapons, I quote the Florida high school shooting survivor Emma Gonzales, “No more B.S.”

No more diversionary “it is a mental health issue” to avoid discussing civilian ownership of combat weapons.

“No more B.S.”

No more it is the “assailant’s right to buy an assault weapon.”

“No more B.S.”

No more spouting NRA propaganda.

“No more B.S.”

No more “our prayers and thoughts…” in lieu of meaningful action.

“No more B.S.”

No more placing gun ownership above the massacre of innocents.

“No more B.S.”

No more legislative inaction. No more reelection.

“No more B.S.,” Sen. Barbara Bailey.

Dick Hall


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