Letter: Writer’s opinions on school safety are too left-leaning


Reading Gary Piazzon’s opinions in the letters to the editor, it occurs to me he doesn’t mention any way of making schools safe and offers no truths or facts.

He asks if arming the teachers and schools is the solution. I don’t know, but no armed school has been targeted.

Perhaps the thought of someone shooting back scares the would-be shooters.

He parrots what he hears about the NRA without bothering to actually investigate what that organization does. NRA is not a terrorist organization and instead tries to protect our Second Amendment rights, as well as our other rights through legislative efforts.

They also provide safety classes and training to the public and law enforcement and shooting sports at various ranges all across the country where some of our military compete.

The NRA has the Eddie Eagle program to teach children about guns, gun safety and what to do when one is found.

Name one NRA member who engaged in any of the mass shootings and murder you described.

The Second Amendment wasn’t written for Indian and slave uprisings; how absurd. Instead, it was written to protect all of our rights.

The First Amendment gave us our right of freedoms. The Second Amendment guarantees them, and all our other rights and ensure we can be armed, if need be, should a corrupt and oppressive government try to take them away.

Your opinion that this is the only country in which shootings happen is also deliberately inaccurate. Terrorists routinely use bombs and IED’s to inflict as much death and destruction as possible on innocent civilians.

And what of the multiple shootings in France? Charlie Hebdo anyone?

We also witnessed the horror of 84 people being killed by a truck being driven through a crowd in Nice, France on Bastille Day.

The bus that was blown apart in England also comes to mind.

Anders Behring Breivik shot and killed 85 young people in Norway before he was apprehended.

I am sorry, but your letter is just left-leaning opinion and not fact, and, truthfully, I find it hard to believe it was written by any patriotic American citizen.

Martin Cole


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