Letter: Woman with master’s should not play victim


I am a woman who has been around way longer than the women’s movement. I am offended by the use of the woman card in the teachers’ strike signs.

I think that teachers deserve to be paid a fair wage, and I think that they have a right to strike to get a higher wage, both men and women teachers.

But, I also think that a woman with a master’s degree should stop seeing herself as a victim.

You should be stronger than that if you are teaching our young girls.

We were raised stronger than that in the 1950s. I was taught to stand up for myself and go after what I wanted by parents with very little money.

I started college at the age of 32 with a husband and two small kids. I became a CPA at age 40. And I took on two state governments, the IRS, presidents of banks and presidents on the boards of major corporations and won for my low- and middle-income client.

Now, I am doing the same as an advocate today for my elderly parents who will not be victims because of it.

I am not a victim and I have never thought of myself as a victim. Nobody will get anywhere thinking of themselves as a victim and blaming others. It is up to you. I am not a victim just because of my gender. I am “grandma.” That is the only label I need.

Sharyn Mellors


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