Letter: Why voters shouldn’t fear this Seattle transplant


In a recent letter to the editor, Commissioner Rick Hannold’s supporters seemed to fear the worst because I moved from Seattle.

It’s true. We bought on Camano five years ago, choosing to make this place home for retirement and moving up full time three years ago.

I worked hard to build a strong career, served on the local boards and volunteered at my children’s school and in the community. When I moved here, I brought my values to build strong communities, my commitment to public service and extensive experience in executive management that spans multiple counties in Puget Sound.

Many others from Seattle bring their skills and commitment to our community as well. My friend Carol Triplett moved from Seattle. She founded Friends of Camano Island Parks. Tom Fox retired from Seattle with extensive experience in water resource management. He now serves on the Island County Water Resource Advisory Committee. Bonnie and Jeff Lemkin are active volunteers and support arts and philanthropy across our communities. These are just a few examples.

Like Ms. Lang Miller, my grandmother was also born on the Oregon Trail and my parents moved to Southwest Washington in 1978. I value my family history but as importantly, I value all people. I count as friends and supporters those families who pioneered these islands such as Jim Sherman on Whidbey and Mary Margaret Haugen on Camano.

I also value all who built careers or retired here after moving from Seattle but apparently, we are not valued neighbors to Mr. Hannold and his supporters.

I choose to bring people together, end divisive language and welcome all to join me in strengthening our communities by listening to residents and working for common sense solutions for Island County.

Janet St. Clair

Camano Island

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