Letter: Why is God’s wrath being directed at Bible Belt?


Dear Mr. Dickenson, thank you for your letter of July 27 regarding climate chaos/carbon pollution being God’s will.

Please help me understand your point of view.

If God is punishing us for our sins, haven’t you wondered why the majority of his wrath has been directed towards what is known as the “Bible Belt?”

The Southeast and Midwest have suffered the most from tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and droughts of what one may call Biblical proportions?

And why punish polar bears, penguins, coral reefs, pteropods, forests, salmon, Eskimos and Aborigines? You have to admit it is confusing.

I’d like to offer you a different perspective shared by the Greening Congregations Collaborative of Whidbey who see the creator as more benevolent then your interpretation.

We see ourselves as stewards of creation. There are eight members from a variety of denominations.

We are always looking for more churches interested in advancing the urgent need of environmental stewardship.

You’ll find out more at our website, gccwhidbey.weebly.com.

I would also invite you to explore Care of Creation an international Evangelical organization whose mission is also their name. You may gain useful insights from the words of Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, who is both a climate scientist and Evangelical.

Google her or order the book she and her minister husband co-authored in 2009, “A Climate For Change.”

I hope for all our sake that you will take this information to heart and be heartened by it.

We are all children of one great mystery. Blessed be.

Gary Piazzon


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