Letter: Why did a noise naysayer move in next to airfield?


You have given substantial coverage to Robert O. Brown’s complaints about Growler noise and Navy aviators not flying “where they are supposed to.”

Mr. Brown claims to have 30 years of experience “planning and developing civilian airports all across this country.”

He also claims to know that Navy aviators “have the skill but not the discipline” to use appropriate landing patterns.

When I told a friend that we have been blessed with an airport expert who complains that the Navy makes too much noise near his house, she said, “If he is so smart about airports, why did he move in next to a military air field?”

Good question.

I have never had much patience with complainers.

I especially don’t appreciate people — especially those who know everything — moving next to an airport and then complaining about the noise.

Richard Niell Donovan

Oak Harbor

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