Letter: Whidbey Island swamp also needs to be drained


I just read the front page article of the Aug. 8 paper, and I am totally disgusted and chagrined at the apparent lack of motivation and of initiative shown by both the Board of Island County Commissioners and county Planning Commission.

Affordable housing is a major problem on this island. Why our local government officials cannot get something done is beyond me. I guess there is a Whidbey Island swamp that needs to be drained. I am neither a Republican or a Democrat. I am an independent, but have been impressed with the actual work the current federal government has taken and what the administration has accomplished.

I just wish someone here would come in and drain the Whidbey Island swamp, change the comprehensive plan that guides “long-housing policies” and all the other stuff that is keeping affordable housing from going forward.

Just do it. Stop doing this back-and-forth thing that accomplishes nothing. Is there anyone in our local government that can just take charge — change the rules and regulations and get things accomplished.

Karola Jenkins Cornelius

Oak Harbor

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