Letter: Washington state, Gov. Inslee, too welcoming


Gov. Jay Inslee has made it known that illegal immigrants who defy federal immigration laws are welcomed in the state of Washington. We will give you a driver’s license so you will have a government-issued ID card.

Some of our cities are now sanctuary locations. All you have to do is violate federal laws. And, when you get a job, you do not have to pay income taxes like American citizens. Great deal. And you may be able to collect from our social programs that American citizens pay into but you do not. Wow.

Now, this governor wants to become president of the United States. Part of the job of the president is to enforce federal law. Immigration is one of those federal laws How can he as governor encourage violation of federal laws and as president enforce those same laws?

Maybe at this level, he thinks he can spend freely but at the next level he can balance the budget. Maybe the Democratic party will select someone else to give it a try in 2020. No Hillary.

Robert D. Brown

Oak Harbor

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