Letter was filled with many falsehoods about politics


In his Jan. 6 letter, Ed Hickey offers an excellent example of how to combine hypocrisy with Joseph Goebbels-style propaganda and “dotard donnie’s” incessant disregard for truth and facts. Here is my response to some of those irregularities/falsehoods.

Supreme Court:

Merrick Garland was nominated March 16, 2016. His nomination expired Jan. 3, 2017 — a total of 293 days which is the longest process in the history of the court. This was classic obstructionism by McConnell and senate Republicans. Gorsuch was nominated Jan. 31 and confirmed April 7.

Federal Judges:

President Donald Trump has nominated more unqualified appointees than any other president in his first term. The ABA found four appointees “Unqualified.”

Tax Bill:

This bill was opposed by 75 percent of Americans. The bill was drafted in secret by lobbyists. Democrats were not given any chance for input. The bill was not released until hours before the senate vote. It will raise the deficit by $1.5 trillion.

Items opposed by Democrats:

1. Attacks on democracy and our Constitution, especially First Amendment.

2. Bills drafted in secret with no debate/amendments.

3. Defunding of CHIP, Planned Parenthood, Meals on Wheels, Vet programs.

4. Removal of safeguards to water/air.

5. Attacks on Social Security and Medicaid.

6. Mass deportations.


Rep. Rick Larsen and Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell voted against the healthcare fiasco. It would have ended healthcare to 30 million people. Larsen holds scheduled town hall meetings with constituents and listens to their input. Republicans Dave Reichert and Cathy McMorris Rodgers lock their doors and hide from voters. Bills written by the Republican Congress help only their donors, big business or themselves.


One note of truth in the Hickey letter is the opposition to Trump. Polls show the majority think he is unfit for any office! His words and actions clearly show he is ignorant, vulgar, incompetent, mentally deficient, racist and a pathological liar. Evidence continues to mount showing that Trump, his family and his cabinet have committed major crimes up to treason. Media throughout the world have reported his accomplishments.

Here are some during the last year;

1. Divided our country.

2. Destroyed our standing in the world.

3. Increased world tensions.

4. Insulted and alienated most allies.

5. Attempted to ban entry to the U.S. based on religion.

6. Insulted minorities and disabled.

7. Emboldened racists and extremists.

8. Holds record for most vacation days and cost in first year.

John Boling


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