Letter: Trump’s achievements deserve recognition, praise


In 2020, we are all going to make a critical choice as to which way our country goes.

As of now, there are 20 Democrats running for president. Every one of them is trying to outdo each other on who can give away the most free stuff, or take away the most, all to gain votes.

Most espouse socialism, and not one of them has offered anything for the betterment of the country, its citizens, the business climate, immigration, foreign policy, jobs or the economy.

Their primary goal, in addition to the foregoing, is to hound and oust a duly-elected president. They offer no bright future, attack big business, the wealthy, and are exploring every possible way to ensure their permanence in the White House, Senate and House.

They want 16-year-olds, felons and illegals to vote and use victimization and hate Trump as tools to gain voters.

Our economy is humming along nicely with a strong 3.2 percent first quarter growth rate, plenty of jobs, taxpayers are paying less and companies and corporations are returning to the U.S.A. and bringing jobs back.

Optimism is high. Democrats want to stop all this and install socialism, something that always ends up in a disaster, and look no further than Venezuela, a once highly prosperous country, that is now in shambles.

How is this better than what Trump’s administration has accomplished, and wants to continue for Americans? There is no such thing as “free stuff.”

Someone has to provide the money to pay for it and that is the working taxpayer. All the money that the federal and state governments have they get from the taxpayers.

Democrats are all about equality and wealth redistribution and socialism fits their bill.

I strongly urge voters to put aside any hatred of Donald Trump and look at what he has accomplished in spite of intense Democrat opposition.

A prosperous America goes against Democrat philosophy; it makes people less dependent upon government.

If Democrats regain the Senate and White House they will undo what Trump has accomplished for America and Americans. Socialism only lasts a short time until the money runs out. Do you want to take that chance for a drastic negative lifestyle change ?

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor

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