Letter: The cutting down of trees at local park is a tragedy


I was under the impression that Washington was pretty much a green state and that its citizens cared about taking care of the environment.

Guess I was wrong. Up to this point, not a word has been mentioned anywhere about the City of Oak Harbor cutting down more than 170 full grown mature trees in Windjammer Park.

When the plans were laid out for the “clean water facility,” we were told that the dirt would be hauled to an unspecified location. However, we are now told that it would be cost prohibitive to do that.

The decision was then made to spread the dirt over Windjammer Park and that the easiest way to do that was to cut down the mature growth.

Did I mention mature healthy trees? Then after the dirt is spread saplings will be planted. Guess what, in 20 or 30 years we might have some shade trees in Windjammer Park, or what is left of it.

William Christian

Oak Harbor

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