Letter: Terrible sight at new splash park ruined the experience


Just a week ago, the City of Oak Harbor celebrated the opening of the revamped Windjammer Park at City Beach. I am an ex-runner, with City Beach being one of my favorite trail runs.

The new City Beach is not a pretty, nor pleasant, sight. I witnessed a woman in her 20s or 30s bending down with all of her behind showing — everything exposed as she giggled, watching me walk by. She was going to the bathroom in public, surrounded by what she and boyfriend/friend put together to try to cover her, six or seven gray garbage cans around her.

There are public restrooms 100 feet away.

I was on my phone talking with my son. I was shocked. I know I should have taken a picture with my cell phone for proof, but was too appalled. I told my son what I was witnessing, and he said, “Mom, call the police, because that is so wrong.”

I hung up, dialed 911 and let the dispatcher know what I was seeing.

I do commend the Oak Harbor dispatcher, who put in the quick respond, and the officer who answered the call.

We live in America where we have luxuries that other countries do not, and there are people who desperately want to come here to live because of the freedom we have. There is no excuse for such conduct. For whatever reason you might offer, we have resources everywhere to provide help in all situations.

Maria Stochl

Oak Harbor

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