Letter: Sound Off writer spot on about need for new blood


In general, I do not agree with comments written by Ron Born. However, I do agree with him regarding his recent Sound Off column about the hospital commissioners in the Whidbey News-Times.

The health care system under WhidbeyHealth is in dire need of a major infusion of new blood, new thinking and new direction by a new board of commissioners.

I know and appreciate the time and effort the present members have put into serving, but it is time to sweep the deck and start from scratch.

We need and deserve a board of commissioners who will listen attentively to the voices of the persons in the community to whom they are committed to serve. We need and deserve a board of commissioners that will work on securing facilities that provide the highest quality of competent and caring health care services for Island County residents.

Over the past year or two, I have attempted to converse with board members about what I observed and the direction I saw Whidbey Health taking under the recently departed CEO. My thoughts and suggestions were negated, and I discovered board members who were committed to one thing – rubber stamping whatever the CEO proposed.

Over my 64 years in health care I have served under excellent CEOs and directors and under those who left much to be desired.

I have also served on numerous boards and have some sense of what the role of a board member is. The people of Island County whose taxes support WhidbeyHealth deserve more, and it is time for a major change so that WhidbeyHealth can once again be vibrant and a place where patients can feel safe and cared for with competence and compassion.

Patricia J. Connell, RN


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