Letter: Sound Off should have been returned for rewrite


The editor of the Whidbey News-Times must have taken an early Memorial Day weekend. The Sound Off by Dr. Dawn Keith-Madeiros should have been returned to her for a rewrite before publishing.

If she had been given the opportunity to review her column and sleep on it, perhaps she would have edited it to make it less hysterical.

I am certain that the News-Times would not have published an editorial from a homeless advocate calling for a boycott of Dr. Dawn’s clinic because of her un-Christian attitude. Accordingly, you should not have allowed Dr. Dawn to call for de-funding those two worthy nonprofit organizations. The Garage of Blessings and Spin Cafe are attempting to ameliorate the problems faced by those who are less fortunate.

What they are doing is called “charity.” It is a virtue.

Those who are struggling in our current society face a multitude of problems. It is our duty as a Christian nation to help these fellow citizens get back on their feet. We must do what we can.

We need to have a constructive dialogue. Diatribes like the one in question do not contribute to this dialogue.

Dr. Dawn should apologize and volunteer to help our community instead of trying to divide it.

John Thompson


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