Letter: Severns is committed to the city, should be re-elected


This letter is to express my support for the re-election of Bob Severns as mayor of Oak Harbor. I am a resident of the City of Oak Harbor since 2016. I retired from a large metropolitan area of California, grateful for having served as a law enforcement professional for 34 years. Having so many years of experience with people in unusual or stressful situations gives me unique insight into people’s character and decision making.

Though Oak Harbor is a small community, it faces challenges similar to larger cities. Some of these challenges include; housing, job opportunities, infrastructure improvement and homeless issues.

From the first time I met Mayor Severns, he’s actively sought housing opportunities and projects to benefit both the city and city residents. He staunchly backs Naval Air Station Whidbey Island and the jobs and businesses that the base supports. The health and growth of NAS Whidbey provides opportunities for the City of Oak Harbor to move forward as a strong partner with the Navy.

Mayor Severns has taken up the mantle of professionally and responsibly supporting the Navy’s commitment to training and readiness and is unwavering in his belief that our relationship with the Navy is fundamental to the great life we enjoy in Oak Harbor and Whidbey Island. Though Severns inherited the construction of the sewage treatment plant from his predecessor, he demonstrated transparency dealing with the costs associated for such a large infrastructure project, showing no hesitation making the difficult decisions necessary to act in the best interest of the Oak Harbor community.

Mayor Severns has repeatedly demonstrated sensibility dealing with both sides of homelessness. He recognizes the minimal services available to homeless in Oak Harbor, but also the need to protect the community against problems that often accompany homelessness, i.e. panhandling, vandalism, trespassing, thefts and drugs. He worked closely with Chief Dresker adding additional officers to the Oak Harbor Police Department to address homeless problems.

There is no other candidate for mayor of Oak Harbor that has demonstrated Bob Severns’ commitment to service, tireless work hours, experience or his ability to selflessly build relationships purely to benefit the City of Oak Harbor and its residents. I describe Bob Severns as a man of integrity and good character who, above all, has a tremendous heart for service.

Please join me in re-electing Bob Severns for mayor of the City of Oak Harbor.

Toni Sall

Oak Harbor

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