Letter: Real solution is to cut taxes


Dearest Jill Johnson and city council on affordable housing: Want to make housing affordable? Cut local property taxes by 50 percent! Cut local regulations by 50 percent.

How about reducing those barriers?

Affordable housing increases tax burdens on fixed income retirees which drives them from their homes leaving them fundamentally heartbroken.

The developers see an easy buck in your soft mushy heart with your heavy hand in the taxpayer’s pocket.

People don’t fall through the cracks, government pushes them through the cracks.

Clearing up the confusion with outreach means sweet little Joanne Pelant will shove affordable housing right down the taxpayer’s collective throats.

An appropriate fear is that of an individual telling me they’re with the government and they’re here to help… few things are more frightening.

Now, listen carefully Jill, S-L-O-W-L-Y place your moral compass on the ground beside you and step away before you hurt someone.

James R. W. Coats

Oak Harbor

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