Letter: Oak Harbor should have done more to keep event


I just recently learned some sad news. Whidbey Island Race Week, a premier sailing regatta in Washington state for the past 37 years, is gone from Whidbey, primarily for the lack of primarily a boat lift or repairs to the existing one that amount to a few hundred thousand dollars. Also, there is a preference for a deeper channel — also a solvable issue.

Our city fathers could not see their way clear to spend a few hundred thousand dollars to keep an event in town that provided Oak Harbor a good deal of its soul and it’s uniqueness. But, they can find $1 million to build the Taj Mahal of outdoor kitchens at the new City Park, and they can find $25 million to fund yet-unexplained cost overruns on our $150 million-plus new, mislocated, overpriced, and, yes, with a breeze from the south, smelly, sewer plant.

Take some pictures of the marina this year, because it could well be on its way to dereliction, and there may shortly be not enough left of the old marina to attract anything or anyone. Seriously, I doubt many people will bring Race Week spirit and money to our community to visit a sewer plant.

Goodbye, Race Week, it was a joy having you here and hosting your event. God bless and good luck at your new location.

Dave Harrington

Oak Harbor

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