Letter: Marvel, ooze patriotism at beauty, power of Growlers


In September 1940, the sounds of friendly aircraft over London were replaced by the unnerving sounds of the enemy German Luftwaffe, ordered by Hitler.

These planes, however, began to indiscriminately drop thousands of bombs. Thus, under the cover of darkness, began the horrifying siege of London, known as the Blitzkrieg, which over the next nine months would go on to kill and maim thousands of innocent British citizens.

In my small yard in north Anacortes, I never grow tired of military jets flying over my home. I still marvel and ooze patriotism at the beauty and power of these planes.

When I occasionally meet the young women and men who fly these aircraft, I always try to take that opportunity to thank them for their service.

”One should be careful for what one wishes.”

Someday, the quiet skies over our community could be replaced by “something else.” It is both sad and discouraging how history has an uncanny way of repeating itself.

Greg Monaghan, MD


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