Letter: Lock guns up to avoid tragedy


I write again after another senseless school shooting. If we use the UK model (guns may not be owned by citizens), we would have avoided 10 deaths and 12 injuries. A father’s guns were taken by this boy to kill innocents.

I am not naive enough to believe a policy change this drastic would be easy, nor is it the only way. Right now, it simply works. But just imagine for a moment if it were your son or daughter slaughtered.

Many of my friends and acquaintances own guns for pleasure or safety. I do not personally see a clear way to change which will stop these senseless shootings. But I volunteer my time, my energies and wisdom gained over a long life to try to solve this dilemma. I will work for a solution, not simply criticize. I invite others to search for a way to stop these tragedies.

Gun-owners, please lock your guns and ammunition against future tragedy. I believe this is a good first step.

Sharron Gray


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