Letter: Jet noise is ‘the sound of freedom,’ not ‘of war’


The “sound of war?” Really?

This is a response to the absolutely repugnant and disgusting letter to the editor by Patrick Hurley.

We suspect that the writer has never heard the “sound of war.” Many of our brave aviators have and they train so that we — and Mr. Hurley — don’t experience that sound in our own backyards.

The noise our planes make are “the sound of freedom,” so make no mistake about that.

Yes, it can be disturbing at times, but it pales in the face of the noise a North Korean or Iranian missile or bomb will make. Ask those in Syria or Israel about the “sound of war” that they experience on a daily basis.

The lack of respect that the writer has shown to our local naval personnel and families is truly deplorable and he should be ashamed of the language he has chosen.

These young men and women aviators are engaged in a daily dangerous job to protect all of us.

Let’s not forget the men and women who serve on deployed carriers either. Just being on the flight deck is perilous.

Mr. Hurley’s letter is also offensive to all of us who have served, as well as those who lost loved ones in our defense. Let’s all respect those who train to defend our freedoms while continuing to pray for peace, but be prepared for war if all else has failed.

We speak for all our neighbors and friends as we also live in a flight zone.

Go Navy!

Fred Stilwell, U.S. Navy veteran

Gary Talbert, USMC veteran

Oak Harbor

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