Letter: Initiative 1634 was a win for state’s small business owners


A guest column in the newspaper recapping the election results mentions only beverage companies as winners with the passage of Initiative 1634, and fails to acknowledge how all of us will benefit.

You know who else won? Working families and small businesses, who carry the burden of regressive taxes.

Washington state’s cost of living is rapidly climbing, and families on the brink of poverty can too easily be pushed over the edge.

Farmers, producers and processors, a giant part of Washington’s economy, are relieved that voters wanted to nip the idea of taxes on groceries in the bud, knowing how targeting specific food products can impact the entire supply chain as well as local and regional economies.

Minority-owned and family-owned businesses that are under-represented in city and county council chambers, especially restaurants, coffee shops, grocers and corner stores, will be able to operate with one less threat to their viability as they compete with chains and larger retailers.

So the real winners of the November election were the many people and organizations who helped pass I-1634. So, thank you, voters of Washington.

Prem Singh

7-Eleven franchise owner

Greater Seattle Area 7-Eleven Government Affairs Council

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