Letter: Immigrants are not the source of America’s woes


Three people in the United States have more combined wealth than half of all Americans. Since the late 1970s, CEO pay has increased over 900 percent while the income of an average worker has increased 11 percent, both percentages adjusted for inflation.

Wealthy private insurance carriers are fighting against Obamacare at the same time that injured people are begging others not to call an ambulance for lack of ability to pay.

A minimum wage worker cannot afford a dignified life — a safe, clean residence, healthy food, medical care, transportation, etc. — while corporations spend millions to keep the minimum wage low and unions powerless.

Tens of millions of Americans live in poverty or near-poverty, including over 16 million children, while politicians want to put more money and influence into the hands of millionaires.

And, for some reason, people like Ed Hickey and Richard Ays are mad at immigrants? People who not too long ago once demanded that “All Lives Matter” now want to give human lives the cold shoulder?

Immigrants aren’t hurting America. Greedy, self-centered Americans are hurting America. Nothing makes the wealthiest 10 percent happier than seeing the other 90 percent attack each other.

While people whine about immigrants seeking better lives just like our own ancestors did, the wealthy are laughing all the way to the bank and we’re cleaning up their party trash — for minimum wage, of course.

Let’s get our priorities straight.

David Coleman,

Oak Harbor

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